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Somewhere inside I feel there’s a writer that wants to express himself. For years I’ve tried off and on (mostly off) to put one word in front of another in some semblance of a coherent narrative or pithy prose. All for naught. When my first son was born I tried keeping a journal. I kept it alright… kept it out of sight so I wouldn’t be reminded of what I wasn’t doing. I still have the precious few pages written in longhand in a spiral-bound notebook.

Fast forward several years to when I started a blog on WordPress.com. This very one. The early posts are pathetic. I keep them around to remind myself that I have actually hit “publish” a few times. I thought if I could get some sort of routine going, I could eventually find my voice, write interesting content, get followers, and all that jazz. I ended up with a few posts about things I have around the house. (I’ll pause for a moment while you click through the archives to enjoy those treasures.)

I thought with the new year I’d start off with a resolution to blog regularly. Nothing like a vague, generic goal to all but guarantee failure. That’s when I received notice of a blogging class starting up in January. Aha, that’s the ticket. So I joined, read the emails, … and did no blogging. Granted it’s only been three days, but I can see I’m just not in tune with the class. They’re tweaking taglines, visualizing their ideal reader(s), and other meaty blogging things like that. I’m not even at that level yet. It’s blogging 101, but I need blogging 10.

Anyway, it was while I was clicking random links in the class email that I discovered the Daily Prompt. Have you heard of this? Apparently every day, some kind soul at WordPress.com posts a topic to blog about. From cool, to random, to deep. I sampled a few and I’m excited. I’ve finally found my muse (cue inpirational music).