My wedding ring. I lost it. I reached my desk at work one winter morning eight years ago and discovered my gold wedding band was not on my finger. Though I always wear it, I convinced myself that I had indeed just forgotten to put it on that day. Not to worry, I’d find the ring in the drawer next to my bed when I got home.

When I arrived home after work, I went straight to the bedroom and looked through the drawer. Hmm, not there. I went through my pants pockets from the day before. Nothing. My heart was beginning to pick up tempo, my breathing more labored. Where could it be? I tried to visualize the last time I put it on. I had the ring that morning, I was sure of it. I retraced my steps to the car, then the next day at work. I looked everywhere in the car, in the driveway, in the house, in the grassy area in the parking lot. My ring was gone. Sigh. After ten years of marriage. My wife wasn’t going to be happy about this.

I enlisted the help of my coworkers who said they’d keep an eye out for it. But after a month without success, I figured I needed to get a replacement so I went to a local jewelry store and asked the man how much it would cost to replace my ring. Whoa, the price he quoted was a lot more than I had originally paid. So, I ended up choosing a lesser quality ring. Only this one was a half-size smaller. My fingers shrink in the winter so the new ring wouldn’t come off as easily.

Then a week later, I was getting some food crumbs out of the kid’s car seat and what do you think I found? Besides small bits of french fries and Cheerios, I found my original wedding ring. How did it get there? Apparently when I was getting my son in or out of his seat, my ring was pinched in the folds of the fabric. What a relief to find it!

Now I had two rings. My guy solution was to keep wearing the “new” ring because it’s smaller and stays on my hand just fine in the cold weather. In the warmer months, I switch back to the original. My wife doesn’t think much of this, but I can rest easy knowing I won’t be losing my ring again.

And that’s the most precious thing I’ve ever lost… and (thankfully) found.

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