As my boys get older, I’ve been rewatching the movies I enjoyed years ago to see which ones I’d like to share with them. It turns out the movies are not always as good as I remember. Perhaps looking at them now through a father’s eyes or just being an adult with (hopefully) more sophisticated sensibilities has made some of the movies less appealing.

I liked Gremlins when I saw it years ago, but not now. After seeing a Gremlin killed in a blender and other disturbing images, I decided to pass on that one.

I thought I liked Batman from 1989, but since then I’ve seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. Now the 1989 version looks pretty lame. The acting, directing, casting, pacing, and writing were awful.

I’ve queued up Terminator and Robocop for another look.

For me, Mrs. Doubtfire has held up. Robing Williams and Sally Field are just great. Some of the references are dated and my boys won’t get them, but overall top notch.

Ace Ventura wasn’t as funny as I remember, but it’s the kind of wacky stuff that will entertain my boys (minus the naughty bits).

Pirates of the Caribbean was still enjoyable. Johnny, Orlando, Kiera, and the rest are all top notch. And my wife approved of the scary elements. She’s the one our two younger sons wake up when they have nightmares, so screening questionable parts beforehand is a good idea.