Does hearing a certain word or phrase instantly remind you of someone?

Whatnot – My older brother is the only person I knew growing up that used that word. Whenever I hear it now, I think of him.

This too, shall pass – Whenever bad times or some setback came along, my Mom had those words to say.

Major problems – My 6th great teacher, Mr. Raycraft, would say that whenever one of the class — usually a boy — was in big trouble. “Woolums, you’ve got maaaaaaajor problems.”

Bless her/his heart – My wife uses that phrase after she’s talked about someone trying, but failing to do something. Like her husband … “He’s working on a blog, bless his heart.”

Taters and gravy – I once worked with a guy named Tommy. Whenever he passed a newly hired person in the warehouse, Tommy would say random things. One of his favorites was, “I likes me some taters and gravy.”

Dadgum – When my father-in-law gets upset with something, he often expresses his frustration by saying, “Well, dadgum it.”

I told you that to tell you this – My fried Tom tells stories. When one story winds down, he’ll segue to the next and off he goes.