I have a dumb phone, as in not a smart phone. It’s a blacphonek, LG flip phone from Tracfone. I use it to receive  phone calls, though it also has primitive texting capability. It has a camera I never use and “games” I never play. The previous model I owned would periodically call our local emergency response number (911) on its own so I upgraded.

I bought my first cell phone after my wife became pregnant with our first child, 14 years ago. I wanted her to be able to reach me any time I was away from home. Then we had two more kids and I’ve just kept the phone.

Everybody I know has a smart phone. My wife, her parents, friends, family, and even little kids playing at the park.

Friends try to sway me saying I can do Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, listen to music, play games, and watch movies. No thanks.I have a laptop, desktop, Kindle, and TV that handle those things just fine.

For me, there isn’t yet an incentive that justifies the additional expense. My phone only cost me 20 bucks and I pay $99 per year for service.

When I get a new job I’ve been working towards, I’ll probably get a smart phone. In the meantime, I’m content with what I have.

( This post topic was courtesy of the Daily Prompt. )