At the end of the year, I go looking for top song lists on Billboard and various sites around the world. I copy and paste the lists into a spreadsheet, then sort and remove duplicates. That nets me a list of about 2,000 new songs. The reason I do it is to see what new music I like and add those songs to my library.

But I figure there’s gotta be a better way. I was checking out Spotify and thought I hit pay dirt with their charts feature. After going through all of them, I kept seeing the same songs over and over and sometimes a new one would pop up. Each list is updated daily so I realized I’d need to check each list each day to find one new song or two. That’s like 50 minutes to find out that Drake has a new popular song all over the world. Not the gold mine of new music I expected.

So I tried the radio station feature. The thumbs up / thumbs down thing interested me. Ideally, I’d like Spotify to show me a song and I can either like or dislike it. If I don’t like a song, I want it to disappear from all charts, all browsing, all searching. But the radio station doesn’t appear to work that way.

After some searching I found other apps use Spotify to do different things. Surely, someone had already made what I want. Turns out app support has been discontinued. Bummer.

I found out there’s a Spotify API, but I only have a sketchy idea of what that is. Maybe the beginner’s tutorial will help.